Find Dependable Windshield Replacement Services

World Class Auto Body provides windshield repair & replacement services in Elk River, MN

Is your windshield cracked? Bring your car into World Class Auto Body in Elk River, MN to receive window repair and replacement services.

Whether you have a chip in your windshield from a flying rock or your windshield is cracked all the way across, we can help. A chip can generally be repaired, and if your windshield needs to be replaced entirely, we can handle that, too.

Don’t let your small chip turn into a giant crack. Come by our auto body repair shop as soon as you notice a chip to save yourself some money. Your insurance will most likely cover any glass repairs—and we work with all insurance providers.

Check out the top reasons for windshields cracking

World Class Auto Body tackles windshield repair and replacement jobs in the Elk River, MN area. Windshields crack because of:

  • Flying debris
  • Poor installation
  • Drastic temperature swings
  • Changes in pressure
  • Hailstorms
  • Deficiencies in the glass

Contact us right away if you need windshield repair and replacement services.