Frame Straightening Services You Can Count On

Schedule your frame straightening appointment in Elk River, MN today

If the frame of your vehicle gets damaged in an accident or collision, our experienced auto body shop will help. We have an auto body frame rack that uses hydraulics and measuring equipment to provide the torque and leverage required to pull the damaged frame back to factory specifications.

Visit our Elk River, MN auto body repair shop to have your frame straightened out after an accident. All of our labor comes with a warranty. We have loaner cars available (pending availability) while your vehicle is in the shop, as well.

3 reasons to have your vehicle's frame straightened out

World Class Auto Body completes frame-straightening projects in the Elk River, MN area. Straightening your vehicle's frame out is important because:

1.A weakened frame won't protect you in another accident
2.A faulty frame can wear out your tires
3.A broken frame can negatively affect your steering and lead to another accident

Choose World Class Auto Body when you need your vehicle's frame realigned in a timely manner